13 March 2008 @ 12:16 pm
If you're not up to date about what is goin on with LJ, then read on!

LiveJournal/SUP is no longer allowing the creation of basic accounts after March 13th, 2008. Meaning TODAY is the last day to make a basic account. And for most of you, it's already too late!

What does this mean?

You will AUTOMATICALLY be upgraded to a plus account! Meaning there will be ads on your LJ if you made an account after March 13th.

Oh, and this was NOT mentioned in the news post! Sneaky bitches...they only stated that there is an easier way to create an account, and it's simpler. For whom? The company? Uh...yes.

For those of you with a basic account already, do not worry. I think things will still be the same, and you may not have to upgrade to a plus account. Please look at THIS POST for more information and links for your reference.

In case some of you are lazy whores individuals, let me break it down, from the knowledge I just gained in the past 20 mins:

1. no more basic after March 13th. you will be automatically upgraded to Plus
2. if you have a paid account, and your time will expire soon, you will more than likely NOT lost your usepics, but you MAY have LESS features. You will then be downgraded to a plus account. basic account. This has been edited due to finding out that if you have an account from before March 13th, 2008 you can go back and forth between basic and plus or paid.

BUT I just found out something that may be quite helpful to those using firefox!

There is an add on called Adblock Plus, which gets rid of ads on your page, so it will be like a basic account when you surf through your own journal. So go ahead and get a plus account, and get the cool features like more icons and cellphone posting and what not. Just install the plugin and VOILA! (I'm bad at french...) No more ads!

*goes to install herself, for other websites*

Truthfully, I don't really care about this new change cuz I have a permanent account, so I will never EVER see an ad on my journal. But I do care for those who will have no choice BUT to sign up for a Plus account.  So go armed properly with this information, and sign up for an account!

Good thing for loopholes!

here is an INTERESTING THREAD started by the VP of Production for LiveJournal. 

Edit 2: below the cut is proof of the magic of adblock plus, provided by [profile] cindy_reddeer 
 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

without adblock plus, used on internet explorer (i think it would be the same image for firefox as well)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
with adblock plus installed. きれい~!
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