21 July 2008 @ 07:15 pm
Well, it seems that my postcard had TWO sides to open! @.@ So now I shall decipher how to buy them, with the help of my coworker!

there are three steps! a bit long deshou?

Please look here later today for more details!

there is a caution section for buying tix, but i will post that after instructions.

EDIT: Here is what you need to know!

Unfortunately for most, this information is for members only, since only they can buy tickets at the end of the month and beginning of August. I do not know when tickets for the public go on sale!

It turns out all tickets must be bought by entry, meaning you enter info and at a later date you will find out if you can buy tickets or not. I may buy two tickets but if my girlfriend is gonna be here, then that extra one will be for her. If I don’t meet up with other Dears, then I’m getting a premium ticket! My boss says I can go for the one on 1/5, but coming home will be hard cuz I would have to leave early in the morn to be at work by 9:30ish. :/ So maybe the 2/1 show is best for me.

I may just go to two shows. One in a premium seat, one in a regular seat. >.>;;; But I would need to pay for tix at a time where money is tight. So maybe just one or two shows in regular seats will do….

Premium seats have the following perks:
-you are in the first 5 rows
-you can enter first into the place
-you get a premium memorial ticket
-you get concert goods present
-much more!

For any seat, you cannot choose where you want to sit. Damnit. It is chosen by a computer.

You need to have your 10 digit reservation number for both the phone numbers and LOPPI.

You will need your member number and the first 3 digits in your postal code. So this will make up a 12 digit number.

Step One:

Call this number from July 28 until August 3 for premium tickets at 12pm. You can call from a cellphone:
No L Code is needed

Call this number from August 11 until August 17 for regular tickets at 12pm. You can call from a cellphone:
12/14 Sanjuu Show L code: 90011
For all others L code: 90012

I think when you call you will be prompted to give your member number if you are a member. The only perk for members is that you can buy up to 4 tickets.

think when you call you will be prompted to give your member number if you are a member. The only perk for members is that you can buy up to 4 tickets PER SHOW. EDIT 2: You must also select what day and how many tickets you want.

WARNING: You can only call for tickets ONCE per show. So, if you ordered for a 12/26 concert but want another ticket, you cannot call again or else BOTH entries will be void. (thank you g_i_c_s and asahifirsa for this information!)

After calling the number, you will be given a 10 digit reservation code. Please write it down!

Step Two and Three

You have to either call or use the Lawson LOPPI machine to see if you are guaranteed tickets.

Call from August 8 at 12pm until August 12 before 11:59pm (Aug 13 before 11pm for LOPPI) for premium seat orders: 0570-084-570

Call from August 22 at 12pm until August 27 before 11:59pm (Aug 28 before 11pm for LOPPI) for regular seat orders: 0570-084-590

On LOPPI you can check if you can buy tickets or not with the following steps:

  1. Go to your nearest Lawson to access the LOPPI machine.
  2. Select [Lawson Tickets (Concert| Sports | Gibli | Fanclub)] on the touch screen.
  3. Choose Reservation Ticket Drawing on the touch screen.
  4. Put in your 10 digit reservation number.
  5. When you do this, put in your 12 digit number.
  6. If you are unable to get tickets, then they are not ready and the screen [チケットがご用意できませんでした] will appear.
  7. If you are able to get tickets, then…
  8. Put in your contact information (phone number and name)
  9. Take whatever paper comes out of the LOPPI machine and you can immediately pay at the register.

Step Four
You tickets will be delivered to the address listed on the website, so may sure it is correct. They will be sent two weeks before the concert by Kuroneko in a security pack. I think you need to be at home to get them. Otherwise you’re gonna have to get it redelivered or go to the post office to get the package. If your ticket is not delivered 5 days before the concert, call Lawson Tickets.

I think I covered everything. If I didn’t, I shall edit over time.

Also, for those adding me as a friend: I hope that people are not adding me because of news posts lol I barely update things like this. 90% of my journal is friends filtered. So updates like this shall be sparing. If you have alot of the same interests as me, besides Gackt, then let me know in my Friends Only post. Otherwise, I AM NOT ADDING YOU BACK.

Thanks! ^_^
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