Maybe if people did a bit of research, they can find all the information they need to prove that the uniform was made in the image of the SS uniforms worn by soldiers in Germany at the time of World War 2.

This blog is from the company that actually allowed Gackt to use their SS costumes for his tour. They clearly state that it is indeed a replica of the original SS uniform.
A small, summarization of the blog here, courtesy of [ profile] gackt_army

A Brief History to the Uniform
credit to [ profile] karadin for her informative post

The SS was formed as the personal bodyguard of Adolph Hitler, and expanded after his rise to power to spread into the regular German Army.

In 1932, Heinrich Himmler introduced the all-black SS uniform, which was designed by SS-Oberführer Prof. Dr. Lars Bonne Rasmussen and graphic designer Walter Heck.

While many uniforms were designed throughout the years for the SS, the all black uniform is the most well known, being designed to project authority and respect. (and subsequently, fear) The Black white red color scheme was shared by the Nazi Party,

In 1938 pale-grey uniforms began to replace the black in Germany, this was to help in blending the SS into the regular army, The original black uniform was rarely worn in Germany due to the fact that to the populace, black signified army shirkers and political-party bullies.

Overall, this uniform used in the tour is neither a SS uniform or Russian uniform. It is a costume, first and foremost. It is a tool to help tell a story. It is made in the image of the SS uniform worn by soldiers in World War 2 Germany in order to help people visualize, comprehend, and understand the true meaning of his tour:

War and people dying is a sad, terrible thing, no matter which side you are fighting on.

Would you expect Gackt to continue on with his story in a kitty suit? Yeah...didn't think so.
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