25 June 2009 @ 06:00 pm
All prices include shipping fees. This is a mix of Pre-arena tour goods and magazines.

Paypal only! I do not accept Paypal accounts that use credit cards, as my account cannot accept them anymore.

Pen and Pencil set: 1,700 yen (unopened!)

Notebook: 1,300 yen (unopened!)

Photo Album: 2,800 yen (unopened!)

Tour Pamphlet: 3,900 yen (unopened!)

GHOST Dears Only CD+DVD (including Obi): 2,300 yen (Very good condition)

NHK Sutera (very good condition): 800 yen

NHK Sutera (very good condition): 800 yen

Moon Child Photo book (very good condition): 4,500 yen

Fool's Mate I.S. 001 (very good condition): 1,900 yen

Arena37c Jan 2009 (very good condition): 1,680 yen

N/S Eyes ON vol. 1 (very good condition): 2,300 yen

N/S Eyes ON vol. 2 (very good condition): 2,300 yen

B-Pass Feb 2009 (very good condition): 1,290 yen**

Arena37c SPECIAL Jan 2009 Vol. 52 (very good condition: 1,630 yen

**This magazine includes a double sided poster, however it is currently hanging on my wall with push pins, and thus there is minimal damage from the pins at the corners/edges of the poster. It is not too noticeable, though.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

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