05 December 2020 @ 12:59 pm
Native of Queens, New York. Lover of Canada. DEAR. All around quirky person. Maybe?

Funny: My sense of humor can be dry, but most times it is corny or hilarious. It really depends on the situation. I tend to try the brighter side of things in most situations, because I hate for a person’s poor attitude to rub off on me. It makes me uncomfortable! Or annoyed. Thanks fandom! :D But I enjoy making friends, and socializing as much as possible. Even if it is just going to the library, I would still go! I love the library. *bookworm* If you want to be my friend, just look at my Friends Only post please to see if you have what it takes!
Lovable/Sweet: Yep, I can be both! I try to treat my friends well in order for that feeling to be reciprocated. I tend not to have very many close friends (out of my control of course), but when I do, I hold onto them! Treat those as you would want to be treated. With that said, if you’re a complete ass or bitch about things, don’t expect me to not react. I’m from New York. I don’t tolerate that shit. I tend to curse too. Sorry!
Beautiful: Um…I guess so? You be the judge. I used to be in a modeling troupe, Faces Modeling Troupe, Inc., and did shows once or twice a year. I was eventually the Public Relations Chair for my last year there. And yes, I did do lingerie modeling. I like my body, and although I don’t like showing off my legs, I will sport a two piece suit or a sexy dress. (My legs are so skinny LOL).

But I am a camwhore. I need to do more camwhoring, actually.
Crazy/Special: As you can see, I let my friends choose these words! I don’t know how I’m crazy! Um…*thinks* I wish there was an explanation for describing me this way! Although, I am a special girl! I love, LOVE pink, and sparkly things! I eat A LOT but my metabolism is quite fast. I can barely get full from a regular meal if it isn’t all you can eat! I’m hardly satisfied in Japan for more than an hour. It’s frustrating! I'm a bit slow with certain things, and catch on late lol. So if I seem a bit airheaded, then don't worry. I just had a moment or blankness.

I like for things to not be plain. It’s just so BORING. My layout reflects that dislike. I have a lot of colorful things in my place, and I try to make my clothes somewhat distinguishable to myself.
Gackt: This section should be long!

I have NEVER been a big follower of any artists or group while in America, but one day a friend introduced me to him in my sophmore year of college. I was completely taken by his voice, and despite popular belief, I did not like him just because of his face. I didn't even know what he looked like until after a few songs of his (Lust for Blood wins my heart all the time!). So it was a great combination. His personality is also what sealed the deal for me. I like how is isn't so serious about himself all the time, and that he is taken seriously when he is.

Although my initial reason for making a journal was to keep track of my life because of my horrid memory before coming to Japan, Gackt is a big part of this journal, so I may talk about him more often than other things I am interested in. (See my profile for my interests and other fandoms) It would be nice to make friends who like him too, but it seems hard to keep friends who are not so interested in him. I had a few people de-friend me probably because of that fact. I don't mind, really. I will try my best to comment, but if I have nothing to say, I won't comment. I read all journals on my friends list though!

One thing that irks me the most is how some fans are just so...rude. Or rather not open to the opinions of others, which in turn generates rudeness. If you like Gackt for whatever reason, then stick to that, and don't trash people for thinking the opposite. I saw that recently, how one fan called other fans 'ass kissers' or 'sheep'. I can understand that you may or may not agree with what he does or who he is, but calling your fellow fandom this is just insulting on many levels. We are all sheep/ass kissers at one point in time, and some people branch off into something else, but that doesn't change the fact that we were all at that stage too.

Not everyone will agree on the subject surrounding Gackt, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be respectful. As a warning, if you bring wank into this journal, expect to be directed to the nearest exit from MY journal. I don't like wank, especially in a fandom we both share. It's stupid and produces nothing. Instead, why not try to have a civil discussion without the attitude and snark.

So in short, Gackt > most things on this journal.


*I've moved back to Japan as of May 8th 2013, after two years away (although it feels way longer) and after living here for five years prior. It's good to be back! I speak decent Japanese, but I have a lot to learn, of course. I'm not fluent, but you can bet I won't get lost in this country.

*I love shopping (rain, sleet, or snow!), and Japan makes it so easy with C.O.D.! I do random arts and crafts, and I do draw, but I haven't done a nice drawing in a while. I've come to enjoy reading again, thanks to my significant other (see below). I mostly like fantasy books (in English) and horror manga (in Japanese). I love playing video games! I will kick your ass at Tekken ball! And possibly Yu-gi-oh, if played on a game console. The actual card game confuses me! I like mostly fighting and rpg games.

*I rp very often! Everyday almost, depending on the activity. I try to stay active, despite my schedule! Yaoi is what I rp most, and I barely even dip my pinky toe into het. But I've made progress!

*I am a member of Soka Gakkai in Japan. Yes, I know about their past. Yes, I've done my research about them and other Buddhist religions. I found this one to be the most inspirational and fulfilling to me. Each religion will always have their bad points, but that should not darken what good they are currently doing. Those who have done wrong have been dealt with as necessary, so we should just move on to a new chapter in life. We only need to dwell on the past to make sure we don't make the same mistakes for our future, and make it brighter than ever! I believe that everyone should believe in something, to help ground us in life. Sometimes I think we all need some sort of guidance in our lives, but I can't force anyone to believe in a certain religion. We have to find out own path, and I have found mine.

I don't often talk about religion because it is always a sensitive topic, so you won't find too many posts on it. But if you have questions, feel free to ask!

*I am bisexual. I believe that marriage should be equal for all. If you don't accept my beliefs, LEAVE. Accepting does not mean agreeing with me. Accepting, to me, means respecting my beliefs, and agreeing to disagree. We are all endowed without own opinions, but don't be rude about yours. Refer back to the end of the lovable/sweet section.

Hope I cleared things up.
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