Oh boy, there is A LOT of stuff here!

THE KEY TO THE DOOR (yes, the site misspelled 'key' with 'KET') QT CARD- 600 yen on sale 10/14 (Wed)
There are 5 types of cards where you can download photos from the live tour using the QR Code on the back to access the download. Each card has 5 different photos that you can download. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! And remember that these QR Coded cards cannot be shared! Once you download the images, they are issued to your cellphone, and you cannot send them to friends. This also makes the card void after downloading.

Platinum Box I ~ VI - 1,280 yen Platinum Box VII ~ IX - 1,980 yen Please order via the Dears Store (online) until 9/25. These are not sold in stores.

THE SECOND DOOR - On sale 10/28 (Wed) VISUALIVE 2009 DOCUMENTARY BOOK - 3.800 yen Order by 9/25 via the Dears Store (I think this is a special edition? Or something special about it.)
[The memories that settled in our minds of that drawn out fight]. GACKT's world of [Requien et Reminiscence II] is enclosed in a 160 page B4 sized book without scaling down anything in this very luxurious print of the VISUALIVE PHOTO COLLECTION!! -photographer: Seiichi Nomura -the best photos of the history of GACKT's live tours are integrated in this book!! -photos from various places such as Okayama, Hiroshima, and more are included!!

THE THIRD DOOR - On sale 11/18 (Wed) VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 TOUR FINAL DVD Release!! 7,000 yen (limit 3 per person)
-from the 7/12 Saitama Super Arena live -DEARS Limited Edition: Receive the GHOST- JUN-JI verson DVD document (I believe it is a spoof of the PV)

THE FOURTH DOOR - On sale 11/18 (Wed) NEW SINGLE (title to be decided) Release!! 1,800 yen
-contains 3 songs -DEARS will get a PV DVD

THE FIFTH DOOR - On sale 12/2 (Wed) GACKT PERFECT STORY BOOK [REBORN] Release!! 6,800 yen DEARS Limited Edition will have special packaging (limit 3 per person)
-A4 hardcover plus special packaging -an original story from the VISUALIVE TOUR, all songs from the world of the first [Requiem et Reminiscence] tour to make a perfect story pack. It includes various cameos from famous actors. -includes a music CD with 13 songs -DEARS Limited Edition: includes both the pre-PV and final PV of [FLOWER]

THE SIXTH DOOR - On sale 12/12 (Thur) PLATINUM BOX ~X~ Release!! 6,800 yen DEARS Limited Edition will have special packaging (limit 3 per person)

GACKT'S DICE GAME!! -GACkT (yes, this is also misspelled as 'GACK'!) second year class trip! What kind of surprise is in store?! -GACKT x YOU separate casual trip chosen with darts -DEARS Limited Edition gift

OH GODS so much to think about!
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