05 October 2009 @ 08:10 pm
Phone lines for entering the lottery will open October 7th at 12pm until October 14th at 23:59. Winners will be known by October 16th and you can pay at Lawsons

- Only one ticket per member. 7,000 yen per seat
- You must have a 12 digit number to enter the lottery (your 9 digit membership number plus the 3 digit number found on the front of your postcard you will get in the mail.
- There are no premium seats

I'm still not sure if people can use their cellphones to call in. Last I checked, no, it had to be a landline, but it could have changed.

The dates are as follows:

DatePlaceMembership Check inDoors OpenStarts
11/6( fri)Region Plaza, Joetsu14:0016:0018:00
11/7 (sat)Region Plaza, Joetsu12:0014:0016:00
11/13 (fri)Index Osaka, 4th Hall14:0016:0018:00
11/14 (sat)Index Osaka, 4th Hall13:0015:0017:00
11/15 (sun)Index Osaka, 4th Hall13:0015:0017:00
11/21 (sat)Mihama Town Gymnasium (Aichi)12:0014:0016:00
11/22 (sun)Mihama Town Gymnasium (Aichi)12:0014:0016:00
11/27 (fri)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)14:0016:0018:00
11/28 (sat)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)12:0014:0016:00
11/29 (sun)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)12:0014:0016:00

How to buy tickets:

Access Map for ALL venues:

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