10 May 2009 @ 11:00 am
I'm sorry, but I think I've had my fill of your dramatic behavior. And I especially dislike how you call people names for a situation that does not concern you. Calling [ profile] uranus_sama a "Cunt-faced crack whore" is very childish and VERY high school, and bringing such TASTELESS name calling of her mother is also high school, or lower: junior high school. And not attempting to explain why you're jumping into business that doesn't concern you and thus making more blown out of proportion than necessary is intelligent:

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It makes you look silly and thickheaded.

I do think that you're a nice girl and such, but your behavior is getting a bit out of hand for my tastes, so I am unfriending you. I'd rather not deal with someone who is being childish.

Thanks for the icon though. It came in handy afterall.
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Maybe if people did a bit of research, they can find all the information they need to prove that the uniform was made in the image of the SS uniforms worn by soldiers in Germany at the time of World War 2.

This blog is from the company that actually allowed Gackt to use their SS costumes for his tour. They clearly state that it is indeed a replica of the original SS uniform.
A small, summarization of the blog here, courtesy of [ profile] gackt_army

A Brief History to the Uniform
credit to [ profile] karadin for her informative post

The SS was formed as the personal bodyguard of Adolph Hitler, and expanded after his rise to power to spread into the regular German Army.

In 1932, Heinrich Himmler introduced the all-black SS uniform, which was designed by SS-Oberführer Prof. Dr. Lars Bonne Rasmussen and graphic designer Walter Heck.

While many uniforms were designed throughout the years for the SS, the all black uniform is the most well known, being designed to project authority and respect. (and subsequently, fear) The Black white red color scheme was shared by the Nazi Party,

In 1938 pale-grey uniforms began to replace the black in Germany, this was to help in blending the SS into the regular army, The original black uniform was rarely worn in Germany due to the fact that to the populace, black signified army shirkers and political-party bullies.

Overall, this uniform used in the tour is neither a SS uniform or Russian uniform. It is a costume, first and foremost. It is a tool to help tell a story. It is made in the image of the SS uniform worn by soldiers in World War 2 Germany in order to help people visualize, comprehend, and understand the true meaning of his tour:

War and people dying is a sad, terrible thing, no matter which side you are fighting on.

Would you expect Gackt to continue on with his story in a kitty suit? Yeah...didn't think so.
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30 April 2009 @ 04:43 am
I decided to use Adium for my many accounts. It's like trillian, but for use on the mac, and prolly there is a version for PCs? I'm not sure, but so far, I'm loving it!

Please take a look at my best friend's site and consider donating for her marathon. Her brother was diagnosed with cancer and lymphoma about four years ago, so she is helping to raise money for awareness and to support her brother, who survived.

even if you can't donate, please leave a kind message if you can!
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08 April 2009 @ 02:15 pm
THIS IS ALL [ profile] omg_its_gackt's FAULT! XDD She is so awesome and tolerates me being picky and stuff~!

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19 March 2009 @ 08:35 am
Look at how stereotypical we look! Damn cons!


and Little Kuriboh did his own version, which is way more awesome and appropriate!

HOLY SHIT. XDDDD I love his series.
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18 March 2009 @ 09:30 pm

The song needs to grow on me! But I like the vid, no matter how dizzy it makes me!

I don't think I'm gonna buy this single. I need to save my money!
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30 December 2008 @ 08:20 pm
I do friends cuts at the end of each year, or when I feel like we won't make very good friends.

The following people shall be cut from my friends list beginning thursday due to one or a combination of the following reasons:

1. you do not/hardly comment on my journal entries
2. you do not reply to comments I make on your journal entries
3. we have nothing much in common


I shall be sending a message to the people listed, and if you wish to have me keep you as a friend, then reply to this post please.
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16 October 2008 @ 03:20 pm

◆ 待望のニュー・シングル「Jesus」発売決定!

Music Clipを収録したDVD付きの限定盤を発売致します!



YES people, the new single is titled [Jesus]. The words 'what the fuck?' comes in mind though!

-those who became members by 9/15 will be able to purchase the special edition of the single, which includes a music clip that is not on the rgular edition.
-the regular edition will be for sale 12/3

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09 October 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Thank you, [ profile] wongkk, for letting me post your Word and Image to my journal. It quite sums up what he left behind, and the impact he left on Gackt-sama.

12 September 2008 @ 07:50 am
You know what I realized?

I don't really care much about seeing footage of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Because I was there, in New York.

I was in high school, during 4th period math class, senior year.

I remember walking home that day with a friend because I was too afraid to take the bus home.

I remember the sky getting so cloudy, in QUEENS, because of the dust. We lived only a river away from Manhattan.

We didn't even get to go home early. They kept us in school for a normal school day. But we definitely had no school the day after, and optional school after that off day. A lot of students didn't go to school for two days. I went back.

I don't care much for conspiracy theories either.

I don't even like talking about it, so when parents ask me, I give short answers.

What happened that day was tragic, and of course we should remember it, but I'd rather today. (Although now it's friday in Japan)

On a weird note, my boss' daughter had a birthday yesterday, September 11th. She's...a brat but cute.
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13 August 2008 @ 08:15 am
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27 July 2008 @ 11:32 pm

Thank you, [profile] groovy_walls for your patience with me! XD and for your awesome skillz!
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23 July 2008 @ 02:05 pm


Taken from the rss feed, the link HERE


It comes with 13 CDs, 1 DVD in a special box and tour pamphlets from all tours.

Gackt「nine*nine」(読み方:ナイン・ポイント・ナイン)  21,000(tax in)





1999年、Gackt Jobと呼ばれるソロプロジェクトを始動。

ツアー 「MARS~空からの訪問者~」(2000年)より、アルバムリリースに合わせて全国ツアーを実施。






■初回生産限定 14枚組(CD×13+DVD×1)スペシャルBOX仕様





「Gackt Live Tour 2000 MARS~空からの訪問者~」

「Gackt Live Tour 2001 Requiem et Reminiscence~終焉と静寂~」

「Gackt Live Tour 2002 下弦の月~聖夜の調べ~」

「Gackt Live Tour 2003 上弦の月~最終章~」


「Gackt Live Tour 2005 12.24 DIABOLOS~哀婉の詩と聖夜の涙~」






WAIT! I think this is just only has one it may not be concerts to watch...BOO!

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21 July 2008 @ 07:15 pm
Well, it seems that my postcard had TWO sides to open! @.@ So now I shall decipher how to buy them, with the help of my coworker!

there are three steps! a bit long deshou?

Please look here later today for more details!

there is a caution section for buying tix, but i will post that after instructions.

EDIT: Here is what you need to know!

Also, for those adding me as a friend: I hope that people are not adding me because of news posts lol I barely update things like this. 90% of my journal is friends filtered. So updates like this shall be sparing. If you have alot of the same interests as me, besides Gackt, then let me know in my Friends Only post. Otherwise, I AM NOT ADDING YOU BACK.

Thanks! ^_^
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20 July 2008 @ 03:09 pm
After both groovy_walls and I made post on this issue, we decided it was time to combine forces and make a much longer, far more rambling post. XD

This is what we'll be posting to some of the comms:

The Dears Fanclub. Why are the overseas fans excluded?
-By [info][ profile] shinimegami21 and [profile] groovy_walls

Recently, it seems one issue has begun to surface on a frequent basis. The matter of Gackt spreading his activities outside of Japan, namely his fan club opening to the international community. This has started to become a major issue, not only on the LiveJournal communities, but also on many of the smaller forums and websites.

Petition after petition have been made and sent, and the growing theme among fan-mail has become an outcry for Dears to go international. Still, Dears remains a Japanese address only fan club. This fact has started to generate hurt feelings from international fans AND a fair amount of bitterness and accusations of racism regarding Gackt.

But there are real viable reasons why Dears is not international, and why this is (if you must find fault) not the fault of the artist.

In regards to this matter, we, shinimegami21 and groovy_walls, have written an article on the matter. We do not direct this post at any one user, nor do we intend to bruise anyone's feelings over the matter. We simply hope to give explanation to the matter and perhaps eliminate some hurt feelings.

shinimegami21 is a Dears member who lives and teaches English in Japan. She will give us some insight not only into Dears itself, but also the logistic issues behind making ANY website or group available to a multilingual fan base.

groovy_walls is a business manager, and drawing on her experience in these matters, will outline why an international Dears is, in the end, not a matter of Gackt love for his fans, but one Dears Co.'s profit margin.

So please take a few minutes of your time to bear with us and read on.

In response to petitions to make DEARS international )
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20 July 2008 @ 10:25 am


I just randomly checked my mailbox, full of junk mail, and I find a little postcard for:

Gackt Live Tour 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II
52 dates confirmed so far.

I need to take off from work...>.>;;;

I shall list the tour dates on this post later on!


OK, here is a table for days, dates, times, and places.My fingers hurt...and so do my eyes. @.@

There are places here that I cant find the kanji for, and I will ask my friend to read it for me later, so please wait a bit for info with question marks and such!

OK, here is a table for days, dates, times, and places.

12/14 (sun)17:00/17:30Misato City Culture Centera
12/19 (fri)18:00/18:30Kawaguchi Lilia Culture Center Main Halla
12/20 (sat)18:00/18:30Ichikawa City Culture Center Main Halla
12/22 (mon)18:00/18:30Gunma Prefecture National Hallb
12/26 (fri)17:45/18:30Oomiya Sonic City Main Halla
1/5 (mon)18:00/19:00Tokyo International Forum Halla
1/6 (tues)18:00/19:00Tokyo International Forum Halla
1/9 (fri)18:00/18:30Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall
1/11 (sun)18:00/18:30Niigata Prefecture National Halld
1/15 (thur)18:00/18:30Okayama City National Hallf
1/17 (sat)18:00/18:30Hiroshima ALSOK Hallg
1/18 (sun)18:00/18:30Hiroshima ALSOK Hallg
1/21 (wed)17:45/18:30Niinagawa Prefecture Ritsu (?) Prefecture National Halla
1/22 (thur)17:45/18:30Niinagawa Prefecture Ritsu (?) Prefecture National Halla
1/24 (sat)18:00/18:30Joetsu Culture Centerd
1/25 (sun)18:00/18:30Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Culture Centere
1/27 (tues)18:00/18:30Misato City Culture Center Main Hallh
1/29 (thur)17:45/18:30Nagoya International Confrence Hall- Century Hallh
1/30 (fri)17:45/18:30Nagoya International Confrence Hall- Century Hallh
2/1 (sun)17:30/18:30Tokyo International Forum Halla
2/2 (mon)18:00/18:30Tokyo International Forum Halla
2/5 (thur)18:00/18:30Shizuoka City National Culture Center Main Hallh
2/9 (mon)17:45/18:30Kobe International Center Kokusai Halli
2/10 (tue)
18:00/18:30Himeji City Culture Center Main Halli
2/16 (mon)18:00/18:30Kouchi Prefecture National Hall- Orange Hallj
2/18 (wed)18:00/18:30Matsuyama City National Hall Main Hallk
2/19 (thur)18:00/18:30Alpha Anabuki Hall Main Hall (Kagawa Prefecture)l
2/22 (sun)18:00/18:30Morioka National Culture Hallm
2/23 (mon)18:00/18:30Sendai Sun Plaza Hallm
2/25 (wed)18:00/18:30Kooriyama National Culture Centerm
2/28 (sat)18:00/18:30Takayama City National Culture Center Main Hallh
3/1 (sun)18:00/18:30Nagaragawa International Confrence Hallh
3/3 (tues)18:00/18:30Utsunomiya City Culture Centerb
3/4 (wed)18:00/18:30Utsunomiya City Culture Centerb
3/7 (sat)18:00/18:30Yamagata Prefecture National Prefectural Hallm
3/9 (mon)18:00/18:30Aomori City Culture Centerm
3/10 (tue)18:00/18:30Akita Prefecture National Hallm
3/12 (thur)18:00/18:30Asahigawa City National Culture Center Main Halln
3/14 (sat)18:00/18:30Hokkaido Welfare Pension Halln
3/15 (sun)17:00/17:30Hokkaido Welfare Pension Halln
3/17 (tue)18:00/18:30Hakodate City National Hall Main Halln
3/22 (sun)18:00/18:30Yoneko Convention Centerf
3/24 (tue)18:00/18:30Yamaguchi National Hallg/o
3/26 (thur)18:00/18:30Shimane City National Hallf
3/29 (sun)18:00/18:30Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hallp
3/30 (mon)18:00/18:30Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hallp
4/1 (wed)18:00/18:30Suijyou (祟城) University City National Hall (Kumamoto National Culture Center)p
4/2 (thur)
18:00/18:30Daibun iichiko Grand Theatrep
4/4 (sat)18:00/18:30Nagasaki Brick Hallp
4/6 (mon)18:00/18:30Kagoshima City National Hall First Hallp
4/8 (wed)18:00/18:30Miyazaki City National Culture Centerp
4/11 (sat)18:00/18:30Okinawa Convention Center (other Kanji is too small to read)q

thanks to you_aishiteru for the names of those cities i didnt know!
There are premium tickets for members. You can only get 1 ticket and I think it's by a lottery/entry. Not so sure. Cost: 30,000 yen

There are regular tickets. Members can buy up to 4 tickets, excluding the one in Misato Prefecture. Cost: 7,000 yen

All the letters in the table correspond to numbers to call within the country. I will provide those numbers at a later time.
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06 July 2008 @ 10:45 pm
FINALLY Updated! I'm sorry it took so long! I think I need to watch some Harry Potter movies or somethin to get my juices flowing. lol

Both Sides of a Secret 10 on

This is dedicated to [ profile] kohaku_chuu, for liking my weird story! XD I do plan to make a sequel to this, cuz i have an evil, evil idea! it will definitely involve angst, and if I'm lucky, incest. Maybe.
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06 July 2008 @ 07:40 pm

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04 July 2008 @ 12:30 pm
May your demonic prowess reign supreme!

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30 June 2008 @ 03:40 pm
Why do people continue to make petitions about making DEARS open for international fans? Why can’t they understand that it takes time, money, effort, and the right connections to so such a move?
I’m sure there are other things to consider about this, but I can’t think f them. And comparing to other bands is just silly, because their situations must be COMPLETELY different if they have an international fanclub and he doesn’t. He knows what he needs to do, so we shouldn’t worry too much. He may not have said anything about making an international fanclub probably because he doesn’t want to get our hopes up.
Besides, he may even surprise us during his birthday! I wanna see what the prankster has in store!
And...why do some people continue to say he doesn’t care about his international fans? *blink* I thought that idiodic ideology got crushed. How can one think that and still trek around Gackt related comms and consider themselves a fan? If I found out that my favorite idol didn’t give a shit about international fans, WITH proof, I would stop being a fan and sell all my goods and spread the ‘good word’ about how much of a prick/bitch they are.
Not trying to cause TOO much controversy, but I am really curious as to why people continue to think like this. I have nothing against making an international fanclub, hell, I WANT that to happen, but even I know that I shouldn’t hold my breath. And even as a DEAR, the perks of being a fan are dwindling. Meh. It’ll happen. Just like that new CD. LOL

(damn i wish Krysi was here XD)
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