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2020-12-05 01:00 pm
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Friends Only

comment for consideration to be added.


The following will not get you added:
-Your LJ is not in English, or even in Japanese.
-You add me randomly with no comment.
-Our interests do not go beyond Gackt.
-You add me only for information regarding Gackt.
-YOUR LJ IS ONLY A PICTURE JOURNAL! I don't want your pictures!

Be sure to read this post before thinking to add me. I do not friend those who do not reply to my friends only post, or those who do not meet ALL the criteria stated above.

comments screened
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2020-12-05 12:59 pm
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Understanding shinimegami21

Native of Queens, New York. Lover of Canada. DEAR. All around quirky person. Maybe?

Funny: My sense of humor can be dry, but most times it is corny or hilarious. It really depends on the situation. I tend to try the brighter side of things in most situations, because I hate for a person’s poor attitude to rub off on me. It makes me uncomfortable! Or annoyed. Thanks fandom! :D But I enjoy making friends, and socializing as much as possible. Even if it is just going to the library, I would still go! I love the library. *bookworm* If you want to be my friend, just look at my Friends Only post please to see if you have what it takes!
Lovable/Sweet: Yep, I can be both! I try to treat my friends well in order for that feeling to be reciprocated. I tend not to have very many close friends (out of my control of course), but when I do, I hold onto them! Treat those as you would want to be treated. With that said, if you’re a complete ass or bitch about things, don’t expect me to not react. I’m from New York. I don’t tolerate that shit. I tend to curse too. Sorry!
So much more under here! )

Hope I cleared things up.
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2010-10-07 09:54 am
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So Sugizo has a new name?

Put your mouse arrow over the picture and read the names.

YES! It DOES say Gackt Sugizo. XDD

Is there something you need to tell us, Sugizo?

of course it's just a name fail, but let's poke some fun.
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2009-12-26 12:15 am
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GACKT 2010 Digital Photo Frame

The full specs are here This post is for the extra details since I now possess it. There are three small postcards that you get with the package.

-The frame itself comes loaded with 16 images which seem quite big. I'm not sure if I can transfer/copy them to a computer yet for your own self You can copy the images to your computer! I guess I will share those later. It says you can copy the files on the memory card and/or USB memory TO the frame, but not the other way around. You can erase the contents of the internal memory in the frame but not the files on the memory card and/or USB memory.

WARNING: You CANNOT open the files of the SD card on your computer. If you do, your computer will freeze! So don't open it! *finished reading the back of the contents guide*

It's quite confusing actually. Just...don't delete what came with the frame! Keep it simple.

Also, the current memory in the frame is 102 MB after the pictures have been placed into the internal memory. The 3D panorama slideshows (8 in all) are on the SD card. The memory on the SD card currently is 636.2 MB. Not that much. Hmmm...I can always just buy another SD card too!

-You can change the language! Ironically, the initial controls (selecting 'photos', 'video' etc) are in English, but the settings area is in Japanese. It also comes with a remote control and a cloth to clean the screen. There is a cord to connect the frame to the computer. The manual says that you should properly eject the frame from the computer, since it will show up just like a regular external hardware device.

Available languages:

-When connecting the frame to the computer, you cannot use the remote control. The frame comes up at 'NO NAME' but I think if you rename the frame, you may reformat it. I haven't tried, but I don't wanna find out the hard way! The drive with the 3D images should not be opened, as stated earlier. It seems you can't do anything to the frame while it is plugged into the computer. The manual says you can, but I'm still new to it.

At the moment, I'm a bit tired and running on empty. >.>; If anyone has any questions, then feel free to leave them as comments! I think this overview is lacking, but that may be entirely due to my tiredness.
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2009-11-11 11:10 pm
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Bad Romance

What is getting me going...even though I need to sleep!

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2009-11-08 12:00 pm
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Gakuen Goods Prices

Big thanks to abiona_sashenka for her information!

I am only missing the poster prices. I will edit the pic when I can!


I need about 10,000 yen to buy all the things I need.
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2009-11-02 08:45 pm
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I have two Gackt ones, and...three other ones >.>;;;

Other kick ass stuff there too! Here I come necktie pin! Also...need to get those headshots for the school IDs. How big are they supposed to be again?

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2009-10-13 07:50 pm

Camui Gakuen Tour Bus Service

Yep, there will be a shuttle bus service to and from the station for the following venues:

Region Plaza in Niigata (11/6~7) from JR Naoetsu station to the venue (20 mins ride)
EDIT: only FROM the venue in Joetsu, and the service is not free.*

Mihama Town General Hall in Aichi (11/21-22) from Meitetsu Kouwa Station
Service is not free. *

You have to pay a regular bus fare? But it doesn't say how much. I expect it to be not so high.

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2009-10-11 08:45 pm
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GACKT Official 2010 Digital Frame Calendar Specs

Since I'm getting this as a Christmas present/going away present (although I'm not going anywhere lol) I figured I should translate the specs on this item, in case anyone else is wondering what exactly comes with this frame.













対応フォーマット:JPEG※モーションJPEG /MP3/MPEG1・2


電源アダプター:100V-240V AC、50-60Hz






対応OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista














Included Contents
360 degree rolling panorama background images: 8
Background images: 16

There are other fun things too!
★Listen to your favorite song while the GACKT slideshow rolls through!
You can play MP3 files at the same time with your background image.
You can also look at GACKT while listening to his music!
Of course it isn't just a slideshow. It's okay to choose the best background image and listen to music at the same time.
※It is possible to run the slideshow and listen to music at the same time.

★Your favorite background can become a calendar and clock!
With you background image, it will be your own personal calendar and clock.
Because there is also an alarm feature, it will even play an active part as an alarm clock.

★You can mix your own images with Gackt's background!
You can enjoy mixing the contents of background images with your photos if you put in your own.

Specs and other details

◇Digital Photo Frame
Monitor: 800x600xRGB
Internal Memory: 128MB
Actual size: 193x148x25 (mm)
Accepted formats: JPEG ※Motion JPEG/MP3/Mpeg 1・2
USB Port: USB Port/ Mini USB Port
Power: DC5V
Power Adapter: 100V-240V AC, 50-50Hz
Active display area: 141x106 (mm) [1]
Actual weight: 430g
Supporting Pixels: 12,000,000 pixels [2]
Display material: Acrylic
Energy Usage: 5.3 V
Accepted OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Slideshow intervals: 3 sec/5 sec/10 sec/60 sec ・5 min/60 min
Electricity cost: 1 month=25 yen
Frame Color: Black

Accepted Formats:

SD Card/SDHC Card/Memory Stick/Multimedia Card
*Please use your own socket[3] if you will use a Duo/DuoPro Memory Stick
*You can use the same slot for the SD Card/SDHC Card/Memory Stick
*Please use your own socket if you will use a miniSD・Micro SD card

◇SD Card
Internal memory: 2 GB
Actual size: 32x24x2.1 (mm)
Power usage: 2.7V~3.6V
Lifespan:10,000 times with regular addition and deletion cycles
Weight: 2g

[1]this would be the area where the images are seen
[2] Okay, I'm not good with counting in Japanese. Is this the correct amount of zeros? XD I think I need more? I have no clue.
[3] I think they mean reader/adapter. I never heard of such a memory stick, so I'm not sure.

So yes, I think an SD card comes included with the digital frame, so you don't have to go out and buy the necessary equipment.
For this price, I would hope so! D:
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2009-10-05 08:10 pm
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Kamui Gakuen Tour Information

Phone lines for entering the lottery will open October 7th at 12pm until October 14th at 23:59. Winners will be known by October 16th and you can pay at Lawsons

- Only one ticket per member. 7,000 yen per seat
- You must have a 12 digit number to enter the lottery (your 9 digit membership number plus the 3 digit number found on the front of your postcard you will get in the mail.
- There are no premium seats

I'm still not sure if people can use their cellphones to call in. Last I checked, no, it had to be a landline, but it could have changed.

The dates are as follows:

DatePlaceMembership Check inDoors OpenStarts
11/6( fri)Region Plaza, Joetsu14:0016:0018:00
11/7 (sat)Region Plaza, Joetsu12:0014:0016:00
11/13 (fri)Index Osaka, 4th Hall14:0016:0018:00
11/14 (sat)Index Osaka, 4th Hall13:0015:0017:00
11/15 (sun)Index Osaka, 4th Hall13:0015:0017:00
11/21 (sat)Mihama Town Gymnasium (Aichi)12:0014:0016:00
11/22 (sun)Mihama Town Gymnasium (Aichi)12:0014:0016:00
11/27 (fri)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)14:0016:0018:00
11/28 (sat)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)12:0014:0016:00
11/29 (sun)Ariake Sports Center (Tokyo)12:0014:0016:00

How to buy tickets:

Access Map for ALL venues:

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2009-09-13 10:50 pm
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I now have an account there.

I made like...four wallpapers today. Or was it three? I dunno, but they are churning out. I hate it. LOL
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2009-09-05 12:35 pm
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DEARS 10th Anniversary Goods Release 2009 translated

Oh boy, there is A LOT of stuff here!

THE KEY TO THE DOOR (yes, the site misspelled 'key' with 'KET') QT CARD- 600 yen on sale 10/14 (Wed)
There are 5 types of cards where you can download photos from the live tour using the QR Code on the back to access the download. Each card has 5 different photos that you can download. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! And remember that these QR Coded cards cannot be shared! Once you download the images, they are issued to your cellphone, and you cannot send them to friends. This also makes the card void after downloading.

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2009-06-25 06:00 pm
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Selling Gackt Goods!

All prices include shipping fees. This is a mix of Pre-arena tour goods and magazines.

Paypal only! I do not accept Paypal accounts that use credit cards, as my account cannot accept them anymore.

Pen and Pencil set: 1,700 yen (unopened!)

Notebook: 1,300 yen (unopened!)

Photo Album: 2,800 yen (unopened!)

Tour Pamphlet: 3,900 yen (unopened!)

GHOST Dears Only CD+DVD (including Obi): 2,300 yen (Very good condition)

NHK Sutera (very good condition): 800 yen

NHK Sutera (very good condition): 800 yen

Moon Child Photo book (very good condition): 4,500 yen

Fool's Mate I.S. 001 (very good condition): 1,900 yen

Arena37c Jan 2009 (very good condition): 1,680 yen

N/S Eyes ON vol. 1 (very good condition): 2,300 yen

N/S Eyes ON vol. 2 (very good condition): 2,300 yen

B-Pass Feb 2009 (very good condition): 1,290 yen**

Arena37c SPECIAL Jan 2009 Vol. 52 (very good condition: 1,630 yen

**This magazine includes a double sided poster, however it is currently hanging on my wall with push pins, and thus there is minimal damage from the pins at the corners/edges of the poster. It is not too noticeable, though.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

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2009-06-19 01:35 pm
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2009-06-11 08:15 am
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RSS Feed for Gackt's Blog

I have created the following syndicated feed for his blog just a few minutes ago:

Track it!

Many thanks to [personal profile] gaurweth!
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2009-06-05 11:55 pm
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HIS FACE --> :3
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2009-05-28 09:10 pm

July 4th Live Information

PREMIUM SEATS: Entries for these seats will be taken from June 1st (12pm) until June 7th (11:59pm)
cost: 30,000 yen
Number to call: 0570-084-078

Premium tickets includes:
-seating 20 minutes before everyone else
-premium seat memorial ticket
-limited edition goods present
-seating in the first 10 rows

REGULAR SEATS: Entries for these seats will be taken from June 3rd until June 14th
cost: 7,800 yen
Number to call: 0570-084-079


All instructions on calling and obtaining tickets can be found here:

I do not think an L code is needed for these tickets.
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2009-05-15 12:15 am

New Live Show Added: July 4th


I AM! :D

I wanna go. I WANNA GO! It's on a Saturday, a day where I DON'T work! FINALLY!

I know where my stimulus money is going! >.>;;;

In other news:

rip of preview for Koakuma Heaven good for seven days. Ringtone please! D:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
bigger pic of DEARS ONLY single cover, credit to Yahoo Japan, I believe.

Remind me to replace the smaller one on my phone for this one...

I'm off for sleep, but how can I with such excitement going on?! fuck. Gotta count Gackts. >.>