20 July 2008 @ 10:25 am


I just randomly checked my mailbox, full of junk mail, and I find a little postcard for:

Gackt Live Tour 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II
52 dates confirmed so far.

I need to take off from work...>.>;;;

I shall list the tour dates on this post later on!


OK, here is a table for days, dates, times, and places.My fingers hurt...and so do my eyes. @.@

There are places here that I cant find the kanji for, and I will ask my friend to read it for me later, so please wait a bit for info with question marks and such!

OK, here is a table for days, dates, times, and places.

12/14 (sun)17:00/17:30Misato City Culture Centera
12/19 (fri)18:00/18:30Kawaguchi Lilia Culture Center Main Halla
12/20 (sat)18:00/18:30Ichikawa City Culture Center Main Halla
12/22 (mon)18:00/18:30Gunma Prefecture National Hallb
12/26 (fri)17:45/18:30Oomiya Sonic City Main Halla
1/5 (mon)18:00/19:00Tokyo International Forum Halla
1/6 (tues)18:00/19:00Tokyo International Forum Halla
1/9 (fri)18:00/18:30Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall
1/11 (sun)18:00/18:30Niigata Prefecture National Halld
1/15 (thur)18:00/18:30Okayama City National Hallf
1/17 (sat)18:00/18:30Hiroshima ALSOK Hallg
1/18 (sun)18:00/18:30Hiroshima ALSOK Hallg
1/21 (wed)17:45/18:30Niinagawa Prefecture Ritsu (?) Prefecture National Halla
1/22 (thur)17:45/18:30Niinagawa Prefecture Ritsu (?) Prefecture National Halla
1/24 (sat)18:00/18:30Joetsu Culture Centerd
1/25 (sun)18:00/18:30Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Culture Centere
1/27 (tues)18:00/18:30Misato City Culture Center Main Hallh
1/29 (thur)17:45/18:30Nagoya International Confrence Hall- Century Hallh
1/30 (fri)17:45/18:30Nagoya International Confrence Hall- Century Hallh
2/1 (sun)17:30/18:30Tokyo International Forum Halla
2/2 (mon)18:00/18:30Tokyo International Forum Halla
2/5 (thur)18:00/18:30Shizuoka City National Culture Center Main Hallh
2/9 (mon)17:45/18:30Kobe International Center Kokusai Halli
2/10 (tue)
18:00/18:30Himeji City Culture Center Main Halli
2/16 (mon)18:00/18:30Kouchi Prefecture National Hall- Orange Hallj
2/18 (wed)18:00/18:30Matsuyama City National Hall Main Hallk
2/19 (thur)18:00/18:30Alpha Anabuki Hall Main Hall (Kagawa Prefecture)l
2/22 (sun)18:00/18:30Morioka National Culture Hallm
2/23 (mon)18:00/18:30Sendai Sun Plaza Hallm
2/25 (wed)18:00/18:30Kooriyama National Culture Centerm
2/28 (sat)18:00/18:30Takayama City National Culture Center Main Hallh
3/1 (sun)18:00/18:30Nagaragawa International Confrence Hallh
3/3 (tues)18:00/18:30Utsunomiya City Culture Centerb
3/4 (wed)18:00/18:30Utsunomiya City Culture Centerb
3/7 (sat)18:00/18:30Yamagata Prefecture National Prefectural Hallm
3/9 (mon)18:00/18:30Aomori City Culture Centerm
3/10 (tue)18:00/18:30Akita Prefecture National Hallm
3/12 (thur)18:00/18:30Asahigawa City National Culture Center Main Halln
3/14 (sat)18:00/18:30Hokkaido Welfare Pension Halln
3/15 (sun)17:00/17:30Hokkaido Welfare Pension Halln
3/17 (tue)18:00/18:30Hakodate City National Hall Main Halln
3/22 (sun)18:00/18:30Yoneko Convention Centerf
3/24 (tue)18:00/18:30Yamaguchi National Hallg/o
3/26 (thur)18:00/18:30Shimane City National Hallf
3/29 (sun)18:00/18:30Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hallp
3/30 (mon)18:00/18:30Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel and Hallp
4/1 (wed)18:00/18:30Suijyou (祟城) University City National Hall (Kumamoto National Culture Center)p
4/2 (thur)
18:00/18:30Daibun iichiko Grand Theatrep
4/4 (sat)18:00/18:30Nagasaki Brick Hallp
4/6 (mon)18:00/18:30Kagoshima City National Hall First Hallp
4/8 (wed)18:00/18:30Miyazaki City National Culture Centerp
4/11 (sat)18:00/18:30Okinawa Convention Center (other Kanji is too small to read)q

thanks to you_aishiteru for the names of those cities i didnt know!
There are premium tickets for members. You can only get 1 ticket and I think it's by a lottery/entry. Not so sure. Cost: 30,000 yen

There are regular tickets. Members can buy up to 4 tickets, excluding the one in Misato Prefecture. Cost: 7,000 yen

All the letters in the table correspond to numbers to call within the country. I will provide those numbers at a later time.
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04 July 2008 @ 12:30 pm
May your demonic prowess reign supreme!

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30 June 2008 @ 03:40 pm
Why do people continue to make petitions about making DEARS open for international fans? Why can’t they understand that it takes time, money, effort, and the right connections to so such a move?
I’m sure there are other things to consider about this, but I can’t think f them. And comparing to other bands is just silly, because their situations must be COMPLETELY different if they have an international fanclub and he doesn’t. He knows what he needs to do, so we shouldn’t worry too much. He may not have said anything about making an international fanclub probably because he doesn’t want to get our hopes up.
Besides, he may even surprise us during his birthday! I wanna see what the prankster has in store!
And...why do some people continue to say he doesn’t care about his international fans? *blink* I thought that idiodic ideology got crushed. How can one think that and still trek around Gackt related comms and consider themselves a fan? If I found out that my favorite idol didn’t give a shit about international fans, WITH proof, I would stop being a fan and sell all my goods and spread the ‘good word’ about how much of a prick/bitch they are.
Not trying to cause TOO much controversy, but I am really curious as to why people continue to think like this. I have nothing against making an international fanclub, hell, I WANT that to happen, but even I know that I shouldn’t hold my breath. And even as a DEAR, the perks of being a fan are dwindling. Meh. It’ll happen. Just like that new CD. LOL

(damn i wish Krysi was here XD)
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01 May 2008 @ 12:00 am

Original Image by Seichi Nomura for the Ryuu no kenshin photobook.
Scanned by [personal profile] karadin.
Manipulation by [personal profile] shinimegami21.

Click on the image to view the profile page.

Please read this How To Join post for details.

I strongly recommend viewing the links above to see if the community is right for you!

Small description: This is a community where we share all things about Gackt, especially all his many talented sides, in an atmosphere that is friendly . While the community is moderated, it is a content heavy journal! Current posts are Friends Locked. You must join to view them. 
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30 April 2008 @ 12:55 pm

Gackt falls over a bit in this clip. Apparently his leg fell asleep XD

C'mon, watch with me! XDD )

Ok, I think I'm done. XD
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After reading up on a lovely note on [community profile] gackt_army I felt the need ti just take a moment to express my own feelings about Gackt's latest project. [personal profile] karadin was kind enough to allow me to link to her public post on her LJ. 

My post does NOT imply that I am representing the thoughts and feelings of others over at GA. These are my own thoughts, and I may be venting a bit, but what's an LJ for? ^^;

I'm quite disappointed in how fans of his have such selfish and negative viewpoints about taking on this project. Let me count the ways...

1. There is no need to be so SELFISH about his so called "need" to put out an album. This means that he does NOT have to focus on putting out an album just to please us. He will put one out when he is able to. We are not his number one priority, his career is. He wants to become more known overseas than now.

2. Whether or not he has good acting skills is not a matter up for debate. GACKT KNOWS HIS OWN LIMITATIONS! We don't need to point it/them out. He is a grown person, who knows what he must do to improve himself. He cannot possibly get experience without adventuring out into somethng, be it acting or fashion or something else not related to music. This brings us to the next point.

3. He wants to conquer the world with his music, and as someone stated at GA, this may be a great first step to do this. He may have his own reasons for choosing this project, which one of the important ones is based on his acting in Fuurin Kazan, and because of that we shouldn't be so negative about them. This leads up to...

4. How can we be fans of his if we don't support him 100% or more? We should be happy for him! We should support him, because he's giving us an opportunity to see him in our own soil, ie home country. What a great opportunity it is for us to brag about our beloved Maou-sama! We always suport him through the negativity he faces, so why change that now? Would you be embarassed of him if the movie was a flop? Shame on you! We should always stick up for him, even if he may not do so for us! If you are truly a fan, act like one! He calls us his DEARS because he appreciates all the support we give him, so let's continue on living up to this endearing nickname!

THERE! 15 minutes of my time to make this post, and to try and express my feelings in the best way I can. I encourage all comments! I do not encourage wank on my own LJ. I shall bitch you out if you start such nonsense! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please be adult about them, and make sure your opinons are rational and not just thinking about one's own needs.
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15 April 2008 @ 08:30 pm
His world domination is coming closerrrrrr!

Do you know the best thing about this? I can FINALLY have Gackt music on my profile! Damn time! I just wish he had songs that weren't only from Diabolos. :/ Ah well! Has anyone else added his music to their profiles? lol

Now I have a reason to go onto myspace. XD

This cute lil dog will become the latest character to help spread the word about saving the Earth. What more movitivation do you need? lol

I'm really trying to be more aware of how I use energy and such lately! I even use an eco bag when I do my food shopping. I usually forget it though. -_-;;; And I reduced the amount of electricity I use, which also saves me money on bills! XD Japan is pretty ecologically conscious, believe it or not.  For example, instead of buying another container of detergent, or anything really, you can simply buy a plastic refill pouch and refill your container. It saves money and needing to buy another plastic container.

I don't usually do updates for Gackt, cuz most of my friends do it WAY better than me! But I feel an urge to spread the news more!

My hectic day needed this pick-me-up! It kept me genki sort of throughout the day. Oh, I've also decided to use my mug at work, since I won't have to share, and I can enjoy Gackt-sama all the time! ^^;
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As [ profile] anei_no_tsuki mentioned in her lj a few days ago, the Gackt fandom has become unruly, spewing out crap like "Gackt is a racist" or that Gackt doesn't care because he doesn't come to their country. I think that's a dumb ideology to have about him, because a person apparently DID NOT become a fan of his because of those reasons. I don't even know where people come up with that shit...

Becoming international take time and money. He isn't God, no matter what people may think. He may be a sex god, but the only miracles he makes happen for us is making us wet our panties. That is all.

But there is hope...

[ profile] gackt_army has been created as a place to discuss all things related to Gackt in a non-dramatic way. Meaning we will act like mature people and keep obnoxious comments like racism and such out of the comm. So if you want to join, let me know, and I shall recommend you, since this comm is not free to join. You must have a recommendation from the 'Captains' of the comm to join. I'm a major. So just ask me. ^^;;;

So now I don't have to hide around in the [ profile] dears comm and refrain from posting, because I KNOW there will be someone who will have a negative comment to leave. It happens every time, and quite frankly, I've had enough. The fandom there makes me cringe, and I might just leave it, because my other friend, [ profile] pixiezdust is FAR more efficient at gathering Gackt news than DEARS comm anyway. I just look at her posts and I'm automatically in the loop.

So for those that have need for a place to talk about Gackt with little to no drama, please ask me to get recruited to [ profile] gackt_army.

Here's a beautiful poem I came upon on that comm:

There is no color
called love in this world;
yet how completely
my heart
is dyed with it.

Izumi Shikibu
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04 July 2007 @ 12:34 am

all i wanna know is..whos ass is he kicking?! xDDDD
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