20 July 2008 @ 03:09 pm
After both groovy_walls and I made post on this issue, we decided it was time to combine forces and make a much longer, far more rambling post. XD

This is what we'll be posting to some of the comms:

The Dears Fanclub. Why are the overseas fans excluded?
-By [info][ profile] shinimegami21 and [profile] groovy_walls

Recently, it seems one issue has begun to surface on a frequent basis. The matter of Gackt spreading his activities outside of Japan, namely his fan club opening to the international community. This has started to become a major issue, not only on the LiveJournal communities, but also on many of the smaller forums and websites.

Petition after petition have been made and sent, and the growing theme among fan-mail has become an outcry for Dears to go international. Still, Dears remains a Japanese address only fan club. This fact has started to generate hurt feelings from international fans AND a fair amount of bitterness and accusations of racism regarding Gackt.

But there are real viable reasons why Dears is not international, and why this is (if you must find fault) not the fault of the artist.

In regards to this matter, we, shinimegami21 and groovy_walls, have written an article on the matter. We do not direct this post at any one user, nor do we intend to bruise anyone's feelings over the matter. We simply hope to give explanation to the matter and perhaps eliminate some hurt feelings.

shinimegami21 is a Dears member who lives and teaches English in Japan. She will give us some insight not only into Dears itself, but also the logistic issues behind making ANY website or group available to a multilingual fan base.

groovy_walls is a business manager, and drawing on her experience in these matters, will outline why an international Dears is, in the end, not a matter of Gackt love for his fans, but one Dears Co.'s profit margin.

So please take a few minutes of your time to bear with us and read on.

In response to petitions to make DEARS international )
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