15 April 2008 @ 08:30 pm
His world domination is coming closerrrrrr!

Do you know the best thing about this? I can FINALLY have Gackt music on my profile! Damn time! I just wish he had songs that weren't only from Diabolos. :/ Ah well! Has anyone else added his music to their profiles? lol

Now I have a reason to go onto myspace. XD

This cute lil dog will become the latest character to help spread the word about saving the Earth. What more movitivation do you need? lol

I'm really trying to be more aware of how I use energy and such lately! I even use an eco bag when I do my food shopping. I usually forget it though. -_-;;; And I reduced the amount of electricity I use, which also saves me money on bills! XD Japan is pretty ecologically conscious, believe it or not.  For example, instead of buying another container of detergent, or anything really, you can simply buy a plastic refill pouch and refill your container. It saves money and needing to buy another plastic container.

I don't usually do updates for Gackt, cuz most of my friends do it WAY better than me! But I feel an urge to spread the news more!

My hectic day needed this pick-me-up! It kept me genki sort of throughout the day. Oh, I've also decided to use my mug at work, since I won't have to share, and I can enjoy Gackt-sama all the time! ^^;
Current Mood: tired