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Muse List [For Dreamwidth games]


Grell Sutcliff

redcinemareel @ Genessia
Grell is attention grabbing, red, and unafraid to spread a bit of chaos when needed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with discussion on macabre and violence. Grell will not hesitate to solve problems with a chainsaw.

Because the same problem never shows up twice.


Ran 'Aya' Fujimiya

formerabyssinian @ Genessia
Ran grew up like any other normal teenager with his sister, Aya-chan. His entire world collapsed literally and figuratively one day when Reiji Takatori decided that placing the blame on his parents for his money laundering wasn't enough and had them killed. The only survivors being himself and his comatose sister, who wakes up years later, unaffected by age. Taking on her name, Aya joins Crashers as an assassin for hire before joining Weiss, with the motive of revenge and paying his sister's hospital bills. After Weiss, Aya finds himself entangled with SIde B in the United Kingdom, taking on the role of leader.


Gakupo Kamui
thepurpleway @ HOMELESS
Gakupo is an android, much like the rest of his singing family. Dance, music, and being a cool samurai are his goals! Just…don't call him a robot.

Gakupo Kamui
eggplantallergy @ HOMELESS
Gakupo is a human, and thus his history is greatly different from his android counterpart. His canon update can be found HERE.

Dead Master
deadscythe @ Vocaloid Dressing Room
Dead Master is one of a few antagonists of the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She took over Yomi's body due to the pent up jealousy developed when Mato befriended another girl, Yuu.

Most of her history and such are generally just headcanon, and can be found here

Gakupo Kamui
{The Detective Loupe, Farewell, The Man of 256 Faces}
256faces @ Vocaloid Dressing Room
An alter ego type of character. Crazy Vocaloid canon. All the info about him is here, and purely headcanon.

VY2 | Yuuma
openhearted @ Vocaloid Dressing Room
Created by YAMAHA and his design curtesy of RoRo, YV2 is usually cool and composed, or at least he believes so. Most think he can be sort of, well...emo. He's a true romantic at heart, though. More of his headcanon will come soon!

Gakupo Kamui
episodezer0 @ Vocaloid Dressing Room
This samurai from far away is not as flashy as the others. The original samurai is out to right what wrongs he's made while being just a bit dramatic about it.

Hatsune Miku
{Candy Addict Full Course}
tasteslikelove @ Vocaloid Dressing Room
The quickest way to her stomach is through your heart. Or is it the quickest way to her heart is through your stomach? Either way, it's close enough for this Miku.


Zechs Merquise | Milliardo Peacecraft

count_to_peace @ HOMELESS
Milliardo is a prince of a dead legacy after his homeland of Sanq was attacked, leaving himself and his sister as orphans. Relena was adopted into a family with ties to his own, while Milliardo joined the military at the age of ten. Years later he emerged as the Lightning Count, Zechs Merquise, taking on his revenge, and falling into the scheme Treize planned to end all wars with the greatest war of all time.

Peace lasted only a year before Mariemaia takes center stage and tries to upset the delicate balance everyone had fought so hard to achieve. There were far fewer casualties this time around. Zechs and his long time companion/friend/love interest take off for Mars to assist Relena with a new project there.


Mary 'Stormer' Philips

itsstormer @ SUPER HOMELESS
The heart of The Misfits. Literally. She may be the only one with a conscious. Don't let that fool you, though. Winning is still everything. As long as no one gets hurt.

Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor

threeordersofcurlyfries @ Genessia
The front woman of her band, The Misfits. She's louder than life and not afraid of being a diva to the max.



memoirofa @ HOMELESS
A very new muse! Right now, her background will be coming soon (the wiki page will suffice for now) and her personality and such are WIP. Headcanon is here.



apples_are_good @ SUPER HOMELESS
A death god with an addiction for apples. He's also bored.


Pinkie Pie
laughafterme @ HOMELESS

Pinkie Pie can be summed up as totally crack and full of laughter and colors. This is a human rendition, but that means nothing except she now has thumbs, which means more pranks!

Pinkie Pie
elementofcupcakes @ HOMELESS

Who knew ponies could be this fun?!

Princess Luna

theroyalvoice @ SUPER HOMELESS
After ages of being cooped up on the moon, Princess Luna has to learn how to readjust to modern life in Equestria, as well as use her indoor voice.


Shuichi Minamino | Youko Kurama

whipmyrose @ SUPER HOMELESS
I could use some canon review here


Shadow the Hedgehog

neutralchaotic @ HOMELESS
Shadow was created as a weapon of destruction by Dr. Gerald Robotnik, and as a tool to cure his granddaughter, Maria, of her disease. G.U.N. learns of this creation and shuts down the project by force, invading the spaceship ARK. Unfortunately, Maria is caught in the crossfire and is killed, leaving Robotnik capture as a prisoner, and Shadow sent to Earth with no memory of his past. He eventually regains his memories, and remembers his promise he made to her.

His human form.


Nora Valkyrie

heartboop @ Genessia
Cheerful! Hard-hitting! A bit crazy! Nora is the best kind of friend anyone could want! Just don't get her angry.

Part of Team JNPR!


shortandsweet @ Genessia
A little ball of murder.

Kill la Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin

utterlypurewill @ SUPER HOMELESS
Satsuki is quite a serious person, extremely strong willed, and highly driven by her own ambitions. She has her own way of showing her soft side, which usually comes off as very cold hearted. The only thing as strong as her will is her pride.

Diablo III


arcanevessel @ HOMELESS
A wizard who possesses an almost infinite amount of arcane magic. The other mages want her dead in fear of her growing too powerful, and careless.